A cup of coffee before workout could make you go for that extra mile

And good news for those who are looking tostay fit, especially if you drink a cup or two of coffee every day.

According to a recentresearch, drinking a cup of joe before a workout might just what you need to bring out thebest results.

Lee Un-shin tells us how a cup of coffee beforeworkout could make you go an extra mile.

To many, drinking coffee is a staple in dailylife.

And now there are more reasons to love thesecond most traded commodity in the world.

According to experts, a cup of coffee beforeworking out could enhance physical activity performance.

"Before I begin my regular workout routine,I usually drink some coffee.

I feel like it makes me a lot more awake and focused throughoutthe session.

" Caffeine triggers the production of adrenaline,known as the "fight or flight" hormone.

Which increases blood circulation and opens up theairways.

It also increases dopamine release, a feel-goodneurotransmitter that's also associated with motivation.

"Caffeine intake prior to exercising helpsyou concentrate better.

It also boosts up your metabolism which maximizes fat-burning.

And with the rise of dopamine in your body, it will also make you give a sense of achievement.

" "Caffeine takes about 30 minutes to metabolize,but its stimulatory effects peak between 30 and 75 minutes after consumption.

So for themaximum result.

Have a cup about an hour before your workout.

" But drinking a bit too much, and we're talkingabout more than 3 to 4 cups of coffee.

Before hitting the treadmill, could be detrimental.

Heavy amounts of caffeine promote the formationof urine which leads to dehydration.

"Excessive caffeine intake accelerates yourheart rate, something you want to avoid when you're exercising.

Also you may experiencediscomfort from overflowing stomach acid.

" So whether you're downing it for the taste,or to use it as an energy boost, it would be smart to always keep the rule of moderation.

Lee Un-shin, Arirang News.