How to Make a Cup of Coffee – English Lesson with Subtitles

I'm Alan and todayI'm going to talk about how to make a cup of coffeeso here we are here's the coffee potso unscrew the bottomlike so thentake out the filter fill up the coffee potnot quite to the top just below the holethen I'm gonna put the filter back ok nextI'm gonna add the coffee so we take off the lidand add maybe twospoonfuls of coffeemaybe just one and a bit and I'm gonna pat down the coffeeso it's nice and level put the lid back on thenI'm gonna screw the coffee pot back together like so make sure it's nice and tight now I'm gonna put on the hobat maximum 6and put the coffee pot to boil okay so the coffee's boilingwe can see the steam coming up turn off the hob like thisthen take the coffee potand I'm gonna pour it into the small cup trying not to spill it there you go like that and add some sugarone spoonful of sugar give it a stirand it should be ready put the lid back onso cheers mmm lovely ;-).