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Today we're going to solve the mystery that is Arabic coffee.

[music] Basically the confusion comes fromno real, concrete measurements.

And if you've had it your whole entire life,and your parents make it and your mom makes it and your grandma makes it and your dadmakes it, whatever.

Then you probably just adopted their measurementswhich is something like 3 cups of the turkish coffee (cup) a small teaspoon or a big tablespoonor a heaping teaspoon or whatever.

For me and other people who don't have anysort of foundation for the correct measurements for coffee, I am here to help.

Is it Arabic coffee or is it Turkish coffee? Well from the research that I've made it'skind of all the same.

If you're in Turkey, you're going to callit Turkish coffee.

If you go to any Arab land you're going tocall it Arabic coffee.

If you go to Greece, you're going to callit Greek coffee.

Whatever you choose to call it, I'm goingto teach you how to make it today.

I typically have my coffee in a cup this size — which I measured the water that goes in here.

This makes half a cup.

The traditional Turkish coffee cup like thisone measures a third cup.

Usually I measure my water in the cups dependingon how many cups you're going to make.

Today I'm making enough for two people becauseI'm inviting you along to have this cup of coffee with me.

So I'm going to put two cups of water plushalf a cup into my.

coffee pot.

Arabic coffee pot looks like this.

You don't have one of these, you can justuse a traditional pot.

Also, you're going to need a plate that fitson top of your coffee pot.

You're going to need some sugar and you'regoing to need some coffee.

In Arabic this is called 'Bin'.

If you don't have any traditional Arabic coffee,what you're going to do is you're going to take the darkest roast coffee that you canfind in the store.

Grind that up until it's almost the same consistencyas powdered sugar.

It has to become a powder.

[music] A couple of things you need to rememberis that the sugar and the coffee need to boil with the water.

It doesn't work if you put the sugar or thecoffee after the water has boiled.

Or if you put boiling water over the coffeegrounds.

You can totally omit the sugar in this recipe.

The amount of sugar for this recipe is actually whatwe say in Arabic as 'wasat'.

Which is just a medium strength sugar.

This is going to come to a rolling boil.

This foam right here, to me, is the most deliciouspart of the coffee.

I don't like to get rid of it too much soI only boil my coffee once over and you'll see what I mean by that.

This is going to boil and the coffee is goingto rise, the trick is to lift the pot before the coffee totally boils over.

You can return it to the heat a couple oftimes.

I would say a maximum of three or four times.

But I like to keep this foam on top.

It's so rich and creamy.

And here it is; it's coming to a boil.

This is the most exciting part.

Do not leave your coffee pot on the stoveunattended.


[boiling] I'm turning this off.

Place this lid here.

I'm just going to remove from the heat.

So that's it really! You have successfully created a brew of Arabiccoffee.

It's very simple.

The trick was always to find the correct ratios.

If you have your friends over and you'd like to surprise them with something cool, make them this Arabic coffee.

I guarantee they'll be excited.

Let me know in the comment section below ifyou're the kind of person that has a small cup or a big cup of coffee every day.

I don't have this every day but when I dousually take the bigger cup.

Although you can never say no to these cutelittle cups.

They're so cute.

It warms you from the inside.

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I'm just switching between coffees.


Quick note: when you reach the bottom, thegrounds will have settled there.

You're actually NOT supposed to eat those.

I hope you liked this video about Arabic coffee.

It's short and simple and sweet and fantastic and it will keep you up for the rest of the day.

[music] When I visited Jordan last I realizedthat you were always served coffee right when you got to someone's house as a 'Welcome to my house! Here have some coffee!'.

And then, the host was trying to tell you it's time for you to leave.

'Good bye.

Peace be with you.

' That's when they give you another cup of coffee.

That's your cue: drink your coffee and get out.