How to Make Coffee and Brown Sugar Scrub {Make It Handmade}

Today we are making a coffee and brown sugarexfoliating scrub.

Wake up your skin with this beneficial and fragrant scrub.

The coffeegrounds and brown sugar gently exfoliate the skin while the oils used are thought to moisturize.

Before we get started you may want to pausethe video here and print the written recipe and ingredient list from the website WholesaleSuppliesPlus.


Creating this product takes five simple steps:Prep.





Now lets get started.

Prepare for the project.

Gather the ingredientsand equipment.

Create a safe workspace that is clean and secluded from children & pets.

We recommend wearing protective clothing such as long sleeves, an apron, goggles, gloves,a mask and a hair net.

To begin, we will prepare our base.

In a largeglass bowl, scoop sixteen ounces of Crafter’s Choice Foaming Bath Whip.

Use a hand mixerto whip the base until fluffy.

We are ready for the additives.

Begin withthe brown sugar.

Add one cup of brown sugar and mix to incorporate.

Add the second cupof brown sugar, and mix again.

Next, we will add the oils and vitamin E.

Add four tablespoons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, eight tablespoons of Sweet Almond Oil,and two tablespoons of vitamin E.

Blend until the liquids are fully incorporated into thebase.

Fresh coffee grounds complement the brownsugar for a duel action exfoliating experience.

Add five tablespoons of fresh coffee grounds,and blend well.

Finally we will add our preservative and fragrance.

Since this product may be exposed to water when use in a shower or bath, we will adda preservative.

This prevents mold, bacteria, and yeast growth in the product.

Add two teaspoonsof Phenonip.

We will further enhance the coffee scrub with a delectable aroma – add four teaspoonsof Vanilla Hazelnut Fragrance Oil.

Give the scrub one final mix until all additives arefully incorporated.

Our product is ready for packaging.

Evenlyscoop into plastic jars.

Once all jars are filled, twist on the tops.

If you plan to sell this coffee and brownsugar scrub, be sure to add labels to the jars.

Include the product name, net weight size, directions for use, ingredients in descendingorder of predominance, company name, and contact information.

Share your Coffee and Brown Sugar Scrub! Yourcoffee loving friends and family will love this as a gift! With the increased popularityof coffee shops, coffee inspired products have become a big hit! Your latte-sippingcustomers will love the addition of coffee influenced products like this.