How to make coffee at home – Make Science Fun

Hey Sam! What does daddy like to drink on a Saturday morning? Ummmm, tea? Hmmmm, where did we go yesterday morning? Coffee?, do you know where coffee comes from? Glee? What are these? These are little coffee beans.

But, if we let them grow for a while, they will go red and then we will make them into a cup of coffee.

Do that in a few weeks time? How exciting! We can finally pick these coffee beans! We can finally make a cup of coffee and you pick the beans.

All the nice red ones.

[music] This one's not ready.

Okay Sam! Let's go and make our cup of coffee, YEAH! What do you need in coffee? What's that? Sugar! And here is our sugar cane, Woo Hoo! [Karate noises] This one doesn't have sugar cane in it.

Today we are going to start getting our coffee beans ready, and we are going to make some sugar for our cup of coffee! Yep, with this! With that.

What is that? Sugar Cane! The first thing Sam, we just picked these coffee beans and they are nice and red.

They look like little lolies! Do you want to try one? Bite it up.

[Chewing] Don't swallow it though because it has a coffee bean on the inside.

First coffee bean! Look at that, that's a bean.

Yeah! That is a little coffee bean.

Yeah, and there is another one! There is another one, there's two! You can pour half of that water with these coffee beans.

And we will leave that for a few days in a warm place and that will cause the outside husk to come off leaving our coffee beans like that.

Snip off, Woahh! The sugar, and give me another one.

Oh, it can't touch the roof.

Lets get rid of the outer husk.

I want to do it! Yeah, but i don't want you to grate your hand! Let's do it together.

[Grating] If we put the sugar cane into the glass of water.

Oooohhhhh look at the colour! We want to dissolve the sugar out of the sugar cane.

It is so thick! Okay, pour it into here! And pick this up like this.

Look at all that juice! Yeah quick, hold it over the thing! And I will squeeze out the juice.

It is like doing a wee.

We have sweet water in the pan, and we want to evaporate the water off.

Dad look! It made a pattern.

Maybe we need our goggles soon? Cause the smoke will come.

Because we don't want smoke in our eyes! It is almost enough I think.

See how it is yellow! We will put it on the bench, with the coffee beans.

Okay! We are now two days in, to making our coffee beans and sugar! And the sugar has gone all crystalline, which is really good andthe coffee beans have started fermenting and that sort of thing.

So Sam and Mikky are going to squeeze out the pulp, and put the coffee beans in this container here.

Okay, so what you need to do kids is squeeze the beans and then put the beans in that little container.

That's it! Woah! Good shot.

Here is the sugar.

Hey Mik! you have three.

Okay, I have got about one spoon of sugar.

So what we will do, is we will put a bit more water in here and we will let them ferment for a few days, and then we will roast them, and then we'll grind them and then we will make a cup of coffee.

After three years, we are ready to roast the beans and then we will blend the beans and grind them up, and then we have got this special siphon coffee maker and we are going to make our cup of coffee.

So you can tip the beans into the pan Sam, and let's roast them up.

That's it! Woah! Smokkeyyy.

Smokey, Smokey! Hmmm can you smell those beans? Let's put the beans in the blender.

Okay Sam, we are about ready for the finale! Take that out, and i will put some hot water into the coffee siphon.

Pop that in like that, and put our coffee in there.

Light the match on fire.

Oooohh what do you see? I saw bubbles.

Have a look at the top here! Oooh bubbles.

Here it comes, the golden liquid.

It is being pushed down by air pressure.

There is our coffee Sam! Yeww, looks like wee.

Put the homemade sugar into the cup, coffee.

get some milk, and after five years Sam cheers mate! Blahhhhhh.

[spits it out] [Music].