How To Make Cold Brew Coffee With Rob Dunne

Hi, guys.

My name is Rob Dunne andI'm a barista.

And today, I'm gonnabrew a cold brewed coffee perfect for summerdrinking served on ice.

[MUSIC] I'm going to usea Kenyan coffee.

It's known forits high complexity and acidity and fruit notes.

This recipe is quitea simple recipe.

I'm gonna use roomtemperature water, but I'm gonna bring it up totemperature slightly by adding some hot water.

We're gonna takea French press.

Coffee goes in,35 grams of coffee.

Half a liter of37 degree water.

I'm gonna leave infusedfor a half an hour.

Add an addition of cacaonibs, which is a raw material of chocolatebefore it's processed.

This will adda high acidity, but also a cocoa finish.

For those of youout there who have a sweet tooth, I'mjust gonna show how to make a simple syrup,which is usually used to add to cocktails orany cold beverages.

I've chosen a demerara.

And then meltwith hot water.

20 grams of sugar.

20 grams of water.

[SOUND] I got mychilled glass.

The coffee's beensitting for 30 minutes.

You need to pressdown very gently.

I'm just gonnadecant it in order to separate thecoffee from the grinds.

And also, this allows me to cool it downa little bit more.

Add the simple syrup.

Add one spoon.

Two, I've got sweeter.

Add my coffee in the mix,around 100 mil.

Mix it in.

Now I've decided toadd a citrus zest to increase the aromaticcompounds, which will increasethe kind of summer vibe.

To finish off the drink,I'm gonna garnish it with a summer fruit garnish,which I made earlier.

That's my cold brew cacaoinfused summer drink.

[MUSIC] Delicious.