How to make Irish Coffee | Mike Cooper

Hi Drinks Tube i'm Mike and as you know Ilove coffee but what you didn't know is that I also love whiskey and that is why todayi'm gonna combine the two stick the cream on top and make what we know as the IrishCoffee.

Before we start getting into making our Irish Coffee, a quick bit of backgroundjust to give us some foundation before we enjoy the drink itself.

I'm taking you backto Ireland.

To Shannon airport and a chap called Joe Sheridan in the 1940's and a passengerjet full of American tourists coming in finding the weather particularly bracing our Mr Sheridan takesout a tray full of piping hot coffee to warm up our American tourists each one with a littlenip of Irish whiskey in it.

Upon tasting this drink they are astonished at the wonderfulflavour and ask if it's from Brazil.

No he says these are Irish Coffees.

And there wehave it, what a beautiful story.

So always with an amount of details we are making a traditionalIrish Coffee using a glass with a stem, very important.

And the first thing is to warmthat glass up so we don't loose all the heat from our coffee when we make it.

Up to thetop.

Nice hot water warming that glass up.

I'll be right back.

So i'm right back, it'snice and warm, pouring off.

Lovely warm glass, first ingredient going in is gonna be a nicequality brown sugar, always important to use brown sugar to coffee and the whiskey in thiscase because of the depth of flavour that is provides.

Always a much better way to startoff your Irish Coffee.

Now next in is one of the most important actors in this play,our coffee.

I'm using a cold brew that I warmed up previously but you can use any type of strong hot coffee.

Up to you.

Give it a little stir make sure we dissolve all of that sugar.

Very very important.

Now next in, here she is the leading lady straight into the top.

Whiskey, beautiful, an Irish Whiskey please.

I'mnot gonna get too precious about this but it's an Irish coffee so use yourself a niceIrish Whiskey.

Straight in 50ml.

So now of course for our top layer a nice bed of doublecream slightly whipped to give it some consistency we're gonna float it in on the back of a spoon.

Take it slowly at first just let it touch the surface and then as you pour you'll seeit just maintaining it's structural integrity on top of our lovely hot coffee with lovelyIrish Whiskey in it.

This is a very important part of this operation is do not I repeatdo not be tempted to stir this.

This has to be drunk as you see it.

So that you get thatwonderful hot coffee coming through the cold cream at the top, with the warmth of the whiskeyinside it.

It's a real experience and if you haven't had it then I envy you for havingit for the first time when you try this one.

This is my favourite part.

I've been lookingforward to this dreaming about this one.

Mmmm ah cold cream, hot coffee with whiskey hittingthe back of your palette.

Ahh mmmm whiskey's starting to take hold it's all wondrous Ican assure you.

I think i've left a little bit on my top lip.

That is just astonishingand I cannot stress to you highly enough how much you wanna try that.

And if you love whiskeyyou will most definitely love our Whisky Old Fashioned which is a recipe which we should have around here on the screen for you about now I think.

And I say this every time but it is so important I need to drum it in.

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Hopeyou've enjoyed this, I'm gonna enjoy that see you next time.