How to make my morning coffee – MCT Oil

web time hey guys how's it going today on I'm here by myself which is new to melaura is gone to to work today and a job that sheloves so very fortunate for that actually have ajob that she enjoys and that propelling us towards our goalso were are very fortunate that way buttoday I've always want to do this ever sincegrowing up in Canada summer holidays watchin Urban PeasantCBC I'm super jacked to do this this isthis I have a platform now I'm I'm super stoked some units show youguys the coffee a drink in the morning on and how I prepare on its awesome it's called some peoplecalled bulletproof coffee depending like a brand namebut just different things that I do not show you what's up so over to start with we use a Vitamix youhave a mix for everything the greatest greatest tool in thekitchen by far so recertified makes and then I got thecoffee started so we're going to get some black coffee and for coffee I use aobviously bulletproof a soluble approved but I use grumpy mule your because Ireally like the name and its organic and fair-trade com andit is great so use that you the stovetop percolator on it's really like Wat case it's it's alittle bit stronger but being in Europe now that's threelike coffee so we'll start with that sorry love coupledup just for that in to you the Vitamix container per check so you got that in there awesome throughout that in then the next thing greedy and isgrass-fed butter organic grass-fed butter on found thisgreat place is called a phone call in the UK and they deliver us freshvegetables forget my group in your from at Saregama butter from and they have adeal with this dairy unbelievable there is a the cowardstheir grass fed they're treated holistically on justblows my mind that this is actually helping so it's it's awesome and it's called berkeley farm so show tomy my favorite little girl it there onprovides every day ever so what we do is take grass-fed buttercalls for a few like a big tablespoon I just gonna takea take a good chunk of it and people are gonna get scared they'regonna think they're getting fat but this remember that doesn't make youfat sugar makes you fat so get that in yourcoffee that's gonna substitute cream as well ifyou like cream in your coffee on this is this is way better taste waybetter and to healthy fats really good for you so then Nexus that brain octane oil suchthe MCT oil on it's great for just mental clarityare so many different benefits i mean you can go on and on their stands videosjust about that on help with metabolism helps a lot ofthings and what it essentially what happens is the biter works as a vehicle to get the NCT on up to your brain that helps his brainfunctions and just gets around your body so the butter is really the vehicle so on whatthis calls for as one tablespoon in the mornings I just kinda get herscott free porno at this point but show you what's up to go 1 tablespoonthe it that in there put lid on what I like to do I put on really lowspeed start with and then known as a kinda mix it up alittle better the night turn out too high for about 30seconds and a show you what's up the awesome not at all mixed up you can see much I bring over on just the full onenothing like the head on their for mixing up in the butter creams up soyou got a lot a obviously this is a little better forits up for sugar and the cases it's crazy how you taste atspell in the morning with the butter and the coffee report into the clearglass a sick kinda see what's up but to only district over to go cup begin to see the foam on nothing just ridiculous CEA has a nice head-on delicious coffee great way to start theday and be yeah enjoy try it you don't necessarily need to buy Nexus down getting any kind a blender mix itup awesome delicious in this rememberthat'll help you you in the morning to get going on all your goals keep themmoving if you do have a resolution that youquit I mean eighty percent of people quitting by now look back on that go back to yourwritings and see what's up in what is stoppingyou from my from following through on those goals big show to my body Jermaine he'sgetting on a plane think right now are you are you just didtake off to LA on very fortunate to work with him for afew months at the gym I work at and a he's going to LA to pursue his ato pursue that cares for me that just he is getting out there isliving his dream he is doing it down that's all it is take a step get out there live your dream and I willtalk to you next week on wholesalers back see guysactually have something nice to look at hand we'll go from there popular guysShia ok.