How to make the Best Coffee

Hello YouTubers, Dave Gummy here again I hope you liked my last video, so here's another one Today's simple guide is how to make a decent cup of coffee You could use any brand of coffee, but for this video I'm using.

Nescafe Gold Blend with its smooth flavour.

golden roast lovely now we are also using Tescos semi-skimmed milk and granulated sugar, which is ideal for sprinkling and stirring.

firstly, fill the kettle with water and boil it.

and when the kettle has boiled it will automatically turn off.

now using a teaspoon, put two and a half teaspoons of coffee ahh ,, look at that ,.


lovely put it in your mug and then carefully pour hot water directly into the mug.

making sure to leave enough room for the milk.

don't forget to put the kettle back in its holder and then straightaway pour milk into the cup now using the teaspoon, its time to put in the sugar and make sure you don't mix the coffee with the sugar otherwise it will really "annoy" the wife put it in the coffee and.

stir While you're doing that, you can put the lid back on the coffee and there you go.

a lovely.

Delicious cup of coffee.

enjoy! and remember, don't forget to wipe !.