How to make a perfect serbian coffe

Today we are going to teach you how to make a perfect serbian coffe for this you'll need a coffe pot or a tea pot or or pour the water in the pot not mineral water just simple plain water if you like sugar use the brown sugar, its more healthier one spoon of sugar in the water spin around few times and let it boil Put the stove on first, of course The most important ingreedient will be redeemed but more people havebeen of serbian coffe is grinded coffe Not filter coffe, not NES coffe its grinded from the coffe sead it has the best taste, strong taste and good smell, smell it.

now we are going to wait for about a minut and 32 seconds for water to boil and dont let.

now after a minut and 32 seconds, the water is starting to boil so, we will put it of the stove take one spoon of our grinded coffe and our second spoon, put it in the pot Mix it slightly you see the cream put it on the stove for about a 5 or 10 seconds a little more to boil not to lose the cream just to boil its ok turn the stove off pour it in the glass perfect coffe Look the cream and there you go perfect serbian coffe, smeel it :).