How To Make An Easy Iced Coffee (latte)

Hello everyone!It's Tonya.

Today is the 23rd of April and I'm going to show you how I make my iced coffee!Or latte.

I use sweetened creamer in it.



Now the recipe I use is fromRecipe Girl by Lori.

It's her iced coffee except I'm not using cream and sugar I'm usinga sweetened creamer which she talks about here at the bottom.

So let's start! Here'smy little coffee set up.

My little four cup coffee maker.

And the coffee that I use isthe number four from Seattle's Best Coffee.

There we go.

Seattle's Best Coffee.

Step numberone is to make fresh coffee.

It's still hot so we need to cool it off.

To do that we needa cup, the coffee and another cup that has some kind of lid so you can strain it easily.

We'll also need a sweetened creamer.

My favorite is Coffee-mate in French Vanillaaaaa.

Thenext step is ice.

Take some ice and put it in the cup you have the strainer with andadd your coffee.

Now we want to do this quickly, so make sure your straining lid is ready andpoor the coffee over your ice.

As much as you want to drink but a little room for creamer.

Aaand poor immediately.

And make a few drips.

Now we have our ice, and we have our chilledcoffee.

See, it's a little colder than room temperature now so we can add it back to theice without worrying about it melting.

So we don't water down our coffee.

I -hate- waterycoffee.

Next step is to add your creamer.

I like pretty sweet coffee.

So I'm gonna addquite a bit.

But, you add as much as you like to your own taste.

And then mix it in.

I'lljust use my straw here.

And, that's it! Now we have yummy iced coffee! Or technicallyiced latte.

I just have such the habit of calling it iced coffee.

Add your lid.

Aaandwe're done! Mmm! It's really good~.