How to make Delicious Cafe Latte | Keurig Coffee Recipes

Shortened from the Italian "Caffe Latte,"a latte is a drink traditionally made from espresso and steamed milk made popular in coffeehouses across Europe and America.

Today, we're going to be using 100% Organic OneCup French Roast Coffee from Organic Coffee Company in place of espresso to make the perfect latte.

This recipe is ideal for coffee lovers whohave a Keurig at-home brewing system and may not have an espresso maker at home.

Start by adding 8 oz.

of milk to a steamer and heat to between 150-160 degrees.

Next, insert a 100% Organic OneCup French Roast Coffee into your Keurig machine.

Brew the smallest and strongest cup of coffee your brewer will allow into your latte mug.

Once the coffee is brewed into the mug, tilt the mug and carefully pour the steamed milk over the coffee, being careful that not much foam enters the mug while you pour.

You're left with a beautiful, velvety latte to enjoy.

And the best part of the OneCup Single Serve Coffee from Organic Coffee Company is that it's 97% biodegradable, toss it in the trash with a clear conscience.

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