How to make Original Irish Coffee | Keurig Coffee Recipes

Irish Coffee was developed by an Irishman,but its original taste-testers were Americans.

A group of travelers arrived in Ireland ona winter evening in the 1940s and were served coffee with whiskey to warm them up.

Whenthe Americans asked what they were drinking, the Irishman told them it was "Irish Coffee.

"Using a Keurig brewer, we're going to make Original Irish Coffee today with 100% Organic OneCup Breakfast Blend Coffee from Organic Coffee Company.

For this recipe, you'll also need 1 tablespoon Brown Sugar, 3 tablespoons Irish Whiskey and some heavy cream to taste.

First, insert a 100% Organic OneCup Breakfast Blend Coffee into your Keurig machine.

Brew the coffee into a mug.

Transfer the coffee to an Irish Coffee Mug until about ¾ full.

Add the brown sugar and stir until dissolved.

Then, add the Irish Whiskey and stir.

Top with heavy cream to taste, forming a collar by pouring the cream over the back of a spoon into the glass.

While variations of Irish Coffee exist, thismethod of preparation comes straight from Dublin.

Enjoy on cold days, as originallyintended, or whenever you crave a special, savory cup of coffee.

And the best part of the OneCup Single Serve Coffee from Organic Coffee Company is that it's 97% biodegradable, toss it in the trash with a clear conscience.

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