How to make the best coffee in the world

The best Colombian coffee is in Cajica Here we are in another family chronicle Today we will show how to make the best coffee in Cajica Claudia esta we ask for help Whom will show us how to make coffee and Its ingredients esta Buenos dias To prepares the best coffee in Cajica we need two potters like this whit little water or two liters of water Two little bars of "panela" and we, in this house Use this coffee brand, Red Stamp, Its medium type, not strong, not soft Then we broil the water two litters with 2 bars of panela Already in this moment ITS broiling I will proceede to shut off and add 3.

5 spoons of coffee We Have In This container Red Seal our coffee, and we will add the coffee 1, 2, 3 and a half Now we'll do esta We wait, as the grannies say for the coffee to "sit" and the we stir-up with a fork so it leaves ITS flavor in the pot acerca wait for 5 minutes and then a pour fabric with a sifter if not available, you can use a little cotton in a conventional sifter but do not use it without the cotton Already passed 5 minutes to lett the coffee sit we will proceed to pour the coffee take a cotton fabric With sifter or as I Explained to filter all the coffee we proceed to filtering we use our fork do you feel the smell? can you see the steam? we'll proceed to clean here, i little ugly and to pour it we put our cover to Prevent cooling and i'm going to pass it to a tester in our home called Carlos to know if our coffee is exquisite come with me we're going to test how good it is Hello Mom Don Carlos We're bringing you our delicious coffee please try it MMM.

this is the most delicious coffee there is esta burning hot ahhhhhhh how delicious !!!! Delicious, delicious as always hmmm Very, very good Its the best coffee in Cajica, Definitively I recommend to you sincerely.